Agile Ingredient Innovation

Bluegrass helps leading brands and flavor houses rapidly concept, test and produce the custom flavors and formulations they need to stay ahead.

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Our ingredients, your competitive advantage

Our products deliver classic and emerging flavors through leading innovation and meaningful collaboration. Each powder and flavor is crafted from the finest ingredients to satisfy client needs and evolving food market trends.

All flavors are not created equal

From developing custom formulations and matching complex ingredient statements to capturing nuanced flavors, our spray drying, blending, and product development services give clients the flavors they crave to move their businesses forward and meet customer appetites.

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Inventing and improving the future of food

The Bluegrass Agile Ingredient Innovation™ Model is custom built to help brands and flavor houses achieve the rapid food innovation they need to stay ahead of today’s dynamic consumer taste and dietary demands.

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Your partner in perfect flavor

The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is a creative space that blends innovation and insights to deliver formulations and products that align with pressing consumer trends.


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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Agile Kitchen, Dairy Ingredients, Formulas

Everybody has a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe – and a secret ingredient that makes it stand out from the rest.

Market Trends

Read our latest insights on where the flavor industry is today and where it’s headed.

IFT Ohio Valley Section IFT Suppliers Expo

Bluegrass Ingredients will be at @IFT Ohio Valley Section IFT Suppliers Expo on September 14 spotlighting out cheese and citrus powders as well as our dairy powder concentrates. Interested in collaborating or learning more? Swing by Booth #101!