Agile Ingredient Innovation™

An ingredient imperative

The food industry is at an ingredient inflection point – forced to continually meet changing taste trends and specialty diet demands while balancing speed, time and costs. Consistent category growth now demands rapid innovation. Yet, many food brands and flavor houses are held back by cumbersome development steps and large-scale testing processes that make them vulnerable to more nimble competitors.

We think there is a better way.

The Agile Ingredient Innovation™ Model

The Bluegrass Agile Ingredient Innovation™ Model is custom built to help brands and flavor houses achieve the rapid food innovation they need to stay ahead of today’s dynamic consumer taste and dietary demands.


  • Business goals
  • Color
  • Granulation
  • Sensory
  • Analytical


  • Color matching
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Formula development
  • Analytical testing

Testing & Validation

  • Custom spray drying
  • Custom dry blending
  • Test kitchen
  • Initial specification development
  • Sample Development


  • Specification finalization
  • Process finalization
  • Customer signoff/approval

The Agile Kitchen™ at Bluegrass

The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is a creative space and resource hub that blends innovation and insights to deliver formulations and products that align with pressing consumer trends.

Learn About The Agile Kitchen

Each formulation is meticulously documented to ensure maximum consistency, safety and quality control. After passing rigorous testing in our pilot labs, the formulation is finalized, approved and prepared for production. The iterative nature of the agile process ensures collaboration, enables customization and drives game-changing innovation on just-in-time delivery cycles.

We’re not just a supplier, we’re a team of food-focused agile innovators that all share the same simple goal: to help invent and improve the future of food.

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