Special Ingredients

Specialty Ingredients

Delivering the taste, texture, look and label that your products demand to meet customer expectations and fast-evolving flavor trends.

Bluegrass Specialty Seasonings

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Ingredients matter. Process matters. Flavor matters.

We believe great flavors begin with great ingredients. For more than 25 years, customers have relied on our ability to deliver the tastes consumers crave in a way that advances their business.


Non-dairy Specialty Ingredients

Our non-dairy powders satisfy a growing food industry trend without sacrificing taste or texture.

Non-dairy Specialty Powders

From the perfect morning coffee flavor to a food label that matches a lifestyle, our powders provide a dairy alternative that meets customers where they’re at.

  • Non-dairy Creamers (Various Oil Bases Available)
  • Oat Milk Powders (Organic and Traditional)
  • Margarine Powder

Other Specialty Ingredients

Our full suite of specialty products is as broad as the end customer’s palette. Our process allows us to pilot, test, refine and produce a wide range of products that enhance the flavor and character of food.

Other Specialty Powders

From the warm richness of a hearty soup to the refreshing look of a cool glass of juice, our powders help elevate food through great taste and a better eating experience.

  • Shortening Powders
  • Cloud Agents