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The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is a creative space that blends innovation and insights to deliver formulations and products that align with pressing consumer trends.

It’s an incubator for advancing flavor, form, and function, staffed with food scientists and culinary experts with a proven track record for success.


A Collaborative Space and Resource Center

The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass brings Agile Ingredient Innovation to life in a physical space where you can roll up your sleeves to develop and pilot test custom applications and recipes.

It also exists as a digital research hub and resource for interpreting emerging consumer trends and harnessing the latest developments in food science.

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Our Culinary Team

Our food scientists, business development staff, and culinary specialists have decades of experience helping develop and refine recipes and flavors for leading food manufacturers and exclusive restaurants.

We have a proven track record for staying one step ahead of fast-moving flavor trends and bringing new concepts and ingredients to the food industry.

We thrive on big ideas, creative challenges, unique flavor demands, and deep collaboration with our customers and partners.

Latest Insights and Formulas

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Chocolate Oat Milk

Chocolate Oat Milk

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Spicy Nacho Chips Recipe

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These nachos pack a punch!

Vegan Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips Recipe

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This cheddar & sour cream seasoning meets even the most demanding label scrutiny with its vegan-friendly formulation.

True Partners in R&D

We thrive on collaboration. Our team offers next-level insights and partnership at every step in the process.

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