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The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is a creative space that blends innovation and insights to deliver formulations and products that align with pressing consumer trends.

It’s an incubator for advancing flavor, form, and function, staffed with food scientists and culinary experts with a proven track record for success.


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Our Culinary Team

Our food scientists, business development staff, and culinary specialists have decades of experience helping develop and refine recipes and flavors for leading food manufacturers and exclusive restaurants.

We have a proven track record for staying one step ahead of fast-moving flavor trends and bringing new concepts and ingredients to the food industry.

We thrive on big ideas, creative challenges, unique flavor demands, and deep collaboration with our customers and partners.

Latest Insights

C-Stores Become Culinary Destinations

Industry Trends, Ingredient Trends

The growth of convenience stores (c-stores) as culinary hubs has surpassed even the wildest expectations from 10 years ago.

Translating Company Values to New Product Development

Agile Kitchen

Almost every company in the world has a value statement or list of principles that was developed to guide the company’s actions.

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The Agile Kitchen

The Agile Kitchen

Buttery Mac & Cheese

Agile Kitchen

Mac & Cheese is one of the most iconic comfort foods around, requiring just a few ingredients to serve up unmatched taste and texture. Our formulation uses brown butter concentrate to deliver enhanced richness with significant cost-savings potential.

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  eBook – 2024 Flavor and Food Manufacturing Trends

What does the future hold for the food manufacturing world? The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is dedicated to tracking these trends and their impact on ingredient innovation and product development.

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True Partners in R&D

We thrive on collaboration. Our team offers next-level insights and partnership at every step in the process.

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