Oat Milk Powders

Delivering a versatile nondairy solution in a clean-label formulation that satisfies all the latest oat milk trends.

Bluegrass Oat Milk Powders

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Ingredients matter. Process matters. Flavor matters.

We believe great flavors begin with great ingredients. For more than 25 years, customers have relied on our ability to deliver the tastes their customers crave and in a way that works for their business.


Oat Milk Powders

Our custom oat milk powders capture the richness, indulgent creaminess, and subtle sweetness of oat milk with enhanced applications and improved shelf life.

Oat Milk Powders

From countless coffee variations to nondairy substitutes for baked goods and more, our oat milk powders provide the taste consumers crave with the same ingredients as traditional oat milk.

  • Oat Milk Powder
  • Organic Oat Milk Powder
  • Oat Milk Powder – 5% Fat
  • Organic Oat Milk Powder – 5% Fat
  • Oat Milk Powder – 25% Fat
  • Organic Oat Milk Powder – 25% Fat