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The flavor industry is changing fast. From emerging technologies to evolving customer palettes, our team stays on the cutting-edge of developments that can impact your products and processes. Read the latest industry insights on three key trends we are seeing in 2020.


Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

The rise of vegan and plant-based diets is no secret, whether for intolerance reasons or lifestyle choices, the growth we have seen is huge and it isn’t slowing anytime soon. The industry has had to catch up and provide a variety of plant-based products to match the demand. Innova Markets Insights revealed an almost 50% average annual growth in plant-based desserts and ice creams launched in the past five years. Read more insights on the growing plant-based and dairy alternatives market.


Healthy Snack Foods

The snacking market changed significantly the last few years, with the average US consumer eating 2.6 snacks a day. However, consumers are concerned with the health benefits their snack provides. This has led to the increase in popularity for snacks such as rice cakes and popcorn. Food Bev has named ‘Healthy Snacks On-the run’ as a major trend we are seeing in the industry this year. Learn more about the major brands and products consumers are after within the snack market.

Bluegrass Ingredients continues to satisfy demand for healthier snacks, from the satisfying crunch of a potato chip or the buttery goodness of popcorn to the healthy granola bar on the go, our team gives snacks the flavors and feeling that keep customers reaching for another handful.



Everyone likes a sweet every once in a while but as health-consciousness seeps into meals and snacks alike, brands and consumers are looking for healthier options, without compromising on flavor and taste. Learn more about the inventive ways brands are incorporating nutrition and flavor into their products.

Bluegrass Ingredients delivers the velvety extravagance of cheesecake to the delicious filling in a cherry pie to the cool creamy deliciousness of a scoop of ice cream. Helping confectioners and leading brands deliver the flavors that make life a little sweeter.

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