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Concentrates Carve Out a Key Competitive Edge

As food manufacturers navigate supply chain challenges, consumer calls for more intense, creative flavors, and growing sustainability demands, they’re turning to innovative ingredient solutions to stay ahead.





Dairy Concentrates represent a unique opportunity to solve for many of these challenges with a single ingredient category. Dairy concentrates – particularly enzyme modified cheese (EMC) – are seeing an uptick in adoption and applications, thanks to advances in the manufacturing space and new varieties entering the market.

Fact.MR research notes several prominent applications for cheese concentrates, including:

“Cheese concentrate is used in several low-fat food preparations owing to the declaration of being a clean-label product made totally from natural components.”

– Cheese Concentrate Market, Fact.MR

Amid these applications, many manufacturers are recognizing cheese concentrates’ role in satisfying clean-label demands.


“Too many customers don’t realize what’s possible with EMCs. From longer shelf life to giving a dip or sauce that undeniable cheesiness, EMCs really are a one-of-a-kind way to streamline production without sacrificing flavor.”

– Eric Goan, Bluegrass Ingredients Director – Technical Services

What's Next

Dairy Concentrates solutions continue to expand, and the market is poised for continued growth.

Looking forward, there’s potential to further innovate on concentrates to bring their distinct advantages to other flavor categories. In fact, Bluegrass Ingredients is on the threshold of significantly expanding our butter concentrate portfolio, including vegan friendly alternatives, and introducing a vegan “cheez” concentrate that would bring the benefits of the concentrates to the plant-based sector.

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Cheese Concentrate Market, Fact.MR

Growing preference for snacking to bolster the cheese concentrate market growth

Bluegrass Ingredients Diary Concentrates

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