Bluegrass Ingredients is Your Trusted Cream Cheese Powder Supplier

Trust is a major part of the supply chain. Unfortunately, consolidation and contraction in the dairy ingredient marketplace has severed once trusted relationships.

We’re seeing this first-hand with cream cheese.

Bluegrass Ingredients has cream cheese powder available, and you can trust us to honor our commitments whether you’re an existing customer or have never purchased from us before.

Our experienced R&D team has developed six cream cheese products designed to fulfill food manufacturer needs in applications ranging from cheese sauces to snack seasonings to soups and dips. These cream cheese products come in three formats:

Cream Cheese Powder: Delivers the iconic cream cheese flavor in a more accessible and affordable formulation.

Dehydrated Cream Cheese: All the flavor and functionality benefits of cream cheese powder, with just one ingredient: cream cheese.

Cream Cheese Blend: We manufacture a complete line of cheese powders and have the technical expertise to create multi-cheese powder blends to match a desired flavor preference.

These three formats allow us to serve applications that range from high quality to cost optimized. Not sure which one is right for you? Contact our R&D team today.

Switching to Cream Cheese Powder from Cream Cheese

In addition to being a trusted supplier of cream cheese products, Bluegrass Ingredients’ R&D team also works with food manufacturers on reformulations that involve replacing cream cheese with cream cheese powder or dehydrated cream cheese. Based on years of experience, we can assure using cream cheese powder will deliver the following:

Similar flavor, mouthfeel, and texture management: Yes, it’s possible to mimic cream cheese in a formulation by using a powder cream cheese.

Needed label claims: Our R&D team will work with you on using a cream cheese powder that meets your clean label requirements.

Greater consistency: A powdered product will deliver the same flavor and consistency, every time. 

Easier storage: Simply put, it’s easier to store a shelf-stable powder cream cheese than a cream cheese.

More cost-effective shipping: Cream cheese can have upwards of 55% moisture content. That’s a significant amount of water to pay shipping costs on.

It makes sense to use a cream cheese powder and it makes sense to use a trusted partner such as Bluegrass Ingredients. Contact us today and ask about one of our cream cheese powder products.

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