Citrus Powders Answer R&D Calls for Reduced Costs, Intense Flavors, Consistent Supply

New product development post-COVID has been a mixed bag of new challenges, tasks and opportunities. Innovation is still important, but so is cutting costs. As is ensuring supply chains are solid before developing a new concept. These new concerns have expanded the number of ingredients product developers are considering when launching a new product or cutting costs in an existing product.

Citrus powders have been a big beneficiary of this shift in research and development in the food and beverage industry. Here are some stats to chew on:

Impressive numbers for an ingredient category that has been around for a while. In fact, Bluegrass Ingredients has been manufacturing citrus powders for 25 years. We’ve seen their recent spike in popularity, and attribute it to 3 key reasons.

Citrus Powders

1) Deliver Intense (and consistent) Flavors

In an era characterized by flavor innovation, citrus powders stand out for their ability to deliver bold and consistent taste profiles. Spray-dried fruit powders allow product developers to tailor the intensity of flavors, whether it’s accentuating the tartness of lemon or the sweetness of orange.

Even better, fruit powders guarantee consistency, which is imperative when the ingredients are used in beverages or as snack seasonings.

Citrus Powders

2) Reduce Shipping, Storage Costs

Cost reduction has become a key task for R&D departments across the country. Citrus powders make that possible in a couple different ways. If you’re currently using fruit juice, you’re paying to ship a lot of water. That’s expensive. You’re not shipping any water with fruit powders.

You’re also storing a lot of water when you use fruit juices. And, it most likely is refrigerated storage. Citrus powders don’t require refrigeration, come in multiple packaging sizes and also have a longer shelf life.

A switch from fruit juice to citrus powders will make an immediate impact on the bottom line without affecting a product’s flavor.

Citrus Powders

3) Available When You Need Them

With citrus powders, the supply is always within reach. Unlike fruit juices, which are susceptible to supply chain disruptions due to natural disasters or weather events, citrus powders ensure continuity of supply, empowering manufacturers to meet consumer demands consistently.

New Product Ideas with Citrus Powders

A quick scan of the new product data with citrus powders shows where the opportunities lie.

How Bluegrass Ingredients Can Help

Bluegrass Ingredients works with food and beverage manufacturers to develop new products with citrus powders, as well as cut costs by reformulating products to substitute fruit powders for fruit juices. We have a complete line of fruit powders, and can customize a product to deliver specific product attributes.

Our Agile Kitchen™ is the perfect playground for fruit powder flavor exploration. Contact us to schedule a virtual consultation where our team of data analysts and culinary experts will help you rapidly innovate new flavor systems for your products.

Contact us today to get started!

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