Flavor Powders – The Secret Ingredient to Thanksgiving in 2020

Americans prepare 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving each year. There’s no doubt the bird is the main event at many tables. However, we all know no Thanksgiving feast is complete without those quintessential side dishes — mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, sweet potato casserole and more, followed by a pumpkin pie to round things off. What many consumers don’t realize is, flavor powders are an essential ingredient on most Thanksgiving tables.

Flavor Powders Add Texture, Taste and Tradition

It’s a debate that’s had year after year — the best Thanksgiving side dish. Mac and cheese is a consumer favorite year-round and a staple for most families on the last Thursday in November. According to professionals, the secret to a quality mac and cheese is all in the cheese powder.

And new innovations in cheese powder variations means a host of new flavor options, from nutty to tangy.

Mac and cheese made with gouda, gruyere, parmesan and cream cheese powders, are all on the table.

But the role of dairy powders on the Thanksgiving table does not stop there. From the whipped cream on a pie or the silky texture of the mashed potatoes the use of butter powder, milk powder, cream powder or even sour cream powder all play a pivotal role in creating iconic Thanksgiving dishes and flavors.

For those who can’t do without pumpkin pie on the big day, don’t forget the shortening powder that’s critical to the crust’s light and flakey texture.

Celebrating “Plantsgiving” with Plant-based Powders

Thanksgiving will not be exempt from the growing trend of plant-based alternatives to classic recipes and flavors.

While dishes may look the same, ingredients will vary as the demand for plant-based products continues to rise.

Thanks to innovations in plant-based flavors and versatile applications like nondairy powders, the absence of dairy- or animal-based ingredients in Thanksgiving dishes does not have to equal the absence of flavor. As supermarkets extend their plant-based range to include more items, Bluegrass Ingredients has prioritized providing plant-based alternatives for butter powders, cheese powders, sour cream powders and more – securing superior taste while meeting dietary demands.

Consumers are Thankful for New Applications

Thanksgiving, a true foodie holiday, highlights how consumers are not only driving sales but driving the demand for certain products. Bluegrass Ingredients’ innovative approach was uniquely prepared for this demand, having collaborated with customers to develop an array of plant-based powders including, oat milk powder, dairy-free cheese powders, yogurt powders, sour cream powders and butter powders.

Bluegrass Ingredients services in flavor matching and blending allows food manufacturers to take the next step in innovating and creating new products or extending their existing plant-based lines. It’s one piece of a larger effort to create formulations that meet shifting market demands and give customers the flavors they crave in more versatile, affordable and sustainable ways.


To learn more about Bluegrass’ plant-based powders and other market-driven flavor solutions, contact us.

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