Formulating the Perfect Dairy Seasoning Blend for Healthy Snacks

10 years ago, consumers willingly sacrificed great flavor for nutritional attributes in their snack foods. Today, they demand both, and food manufacturers have turned to flavor innovation to make healthy snacks taste great, even if they’re made from lentils, salmon and mushrooms.

Dairy seasonings using real ingredients are one key flavor innovation used by snack food manufacturers to impart a comforting and familiar flavor note to healthy snacks made with non-traditional ingredients. For example, Three Farmers’ line of roasted fava beans comes in a Zesty Cheddar variety that delivers 13 grams of plant protein. For most consumers, roasted fava beans don’t come to mind as a craveable snack. But pair the food with a cheddar seasoning and you have the perfect healthy snack. 

And, dairy seasonings don’t just add flavor, they also enhance texture, aroma and profitability. Even better, dairy seasonings can be blended together to develop complex flavor profiles ranging from savory to salty to tangy.  Our Agile Kitchen™ works closely with healthy snack food brands to develop custom dairy seasoning blends that make their products irresistible. We use state-of-the-art spray drying and blending processes to create blends using an array of conventional and plant-based dairy seasonings. 

What’s Trending in Dairy Seasoning Blends

Working with our partner, Innova Marketing Insights, Bluegrass Ingredients’ Agile Kitchen™ team is at the forefront of trending dairy flavor blends. We understand what’s popular now and how to capitalize on what consumers will want in the future. If we look at the top dairy blends with a cheese flavor, there are four clear leaders:

  1. Cheddar cheese and sour cream
  2. Butter and cheese
  3. Cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion
  4. Cheese and yogurt

If we look at products with a cream flavor, again, cheddar cheese and sour cream is the clear market leader, standing head and shoulders above other dairy flavor blends. However, we do see growth in the cream cheese and whipped cream combination.

For dairy blends that feature a butter flavor, butter and cheese is the clear leader, but growth is happening from the following combinations:

What’s fascinating about this data is not necessarily the market leaders, but the amount of dairy seasoning blends consumers are eager to explore. With powdered dairy ingredients, it’s easier than ever to create blends that are innovative and can hit any flavor note, from tangy to salty to butter to sweet to creamy to spicey. 

Dairy Powder Seasoning Flavor Profiles

The first step in formulating healthy snacks with dairy seasonings is to understand the available options and their flavor profiles. Bluegrass Ingredients offers a complete line of dairy powder seasonings, including: 

Cheese Seasonings

Cream Seasonings

Butter Seasoning

Buttermilk Seasonings

Yogurt Seasonings

Once the flavor profiles of each dairy seasoning is understood, innovation can start with the development of  blended seasonings that adds complexity to snacks positioned for consumers focused on healthy eating.


Dairy Seasoning Blend Flavor Profiles

Bluegrass Ingredients has expertly crafted a variety of trending dairy seasoning blends. Each offers healthy snack manufacturers consistency, easy scaling and cost savings. Our line includes:  

In addition to these dairy seasoning blends, we also work with food manufacturers to craft custom blends using any of our available powders. Want a blue cheese and brown butter seasoning blend? We can do that. What about a non-traditional four-cheese blend that uses asiago, American, monterey jack and swiss? Again, we can work with you to produce that blend.

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