The 5 Most Important Food and Beverage Trends Heading Into 2024

We’ve perused 23 different 2024 trend reports from organizations as varied as Whole Foods, Tastewise and Innova. We’ve agreed with a lot (see below), and disagreed with a lot (is offal really trending???), but in general, each report has us excited for the coming year in the food industry.

What’s even more exciting than that? We’ve pared down over 200 trends into our top five trends of 2024 that we feel will have the biggest impact on every food manufacturer in the industry. Make sure to read all the way to the bottom as we’ve added a sixth bonus trend! Without further ado…

Trend #1

Ingredients: Taking the Spotlight

This was Innova Market Insights #1 trend for 2024 and we’re on board with their analysis. Whether it’s a macronutrient like protein or an ingredient like Ashwagandha, we expect to see more food and beverage manufacturers make specific ingredients the star of front-of-label packaging and marketing strategies.

It’s interesting that this trend is not just confined to ingredients that are perceived as healthy. Consumers still crave comfort food and we’re seeing the popularity of non-traditional and international cheeses, such as cotija, grow in usage across an assortment of food and beverage applications. Our Cotija cheese powders and concentrates have been used in applications ranging from dips to chip seasonings, and often play a starring role when used in a product. Contact us if you’d like a sample.

Trend #2

Citrus in the Limelight

In many of the reports we read, citrus was mentioned as a trending flavor for 2024. However, we think the food industry publication, Prepared Foods, sums the trend up best: “The demand for new, exciting flavor combinations combined with vibrant colors has resulted in a boost for citrus. An anticipated increase in citrus and botanical demand will show up in clean tasting, feel-good foods and beverages.”

We’re getting many requests for flavor matching products using our line of citrus powders. We’ve helped product developers impart lemon, lime, orange and pineapple pops of flavor in sauces, dressings, marinades, salty snacks, RTD beverages and desserts.

Trend #3


We’ll admit, this one surprised us a bit, as soup isn’t exactly a food we expect to see on a trend list. However, the Specialty Foods Association points to TikTok and the popularity of soup recipes on the platform as a reason to see even more soup consumption in 2024. There’s even a viral talking point about soup: “Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love soup.”

Although that phrase was a new one for us, we do understand why soup is trending. It’s a quick lunch or dinner that can provide both healthy and indulgent eating occasions, depending on what you’re in the mood for. In what’s expected to be another chaotic year in the runup to the presidential election, we anticipate many consumers choosing soup as a comforting, familiar food. Soups with cheese bases (broccoli and cheddar, beer cheese soup, etc.) are sure to go viral. Our Agile Kitchen™ team can help any food manufacturer get into the soup game by developing new formulas or matching viral favorites with rapid turnaround times.

Trend #4

Digital and Pop Culture Redefine Food Communities

The wheels of product development in the food industry often turn slow. That’s changing as food manufacturers realize that they too can go viral. This happened earlier in the year when Heinz responded to a twitter post about Taylor Swift’s “seemingly ranch” dipping sauce at a Kansas City Chiefs game, by launching a limited edition Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch sauce.

Tastewise’s prediction that pop culture will define the food industry in 2024 seems pretty spot on considering the publicity this launch received. However, it’s difficult for most food manufacturers to rapidly innovate. We specialize in it, and have developed an Agile Ingredient Innovation™ model to help food and beverage manufacturers launch new products quickly.

Trend #5

Complex Heat

“Pepper-infused drinks are going beyond kombuchas, cold-pressed juices and smoothies, with ready-to-drink beverages like canned tepache filling up the fridge with a refreshing kick.” Whole Foods sums up nicely a trend that popped up on almost every 2024 trend list we read. Whether it’s adding sweetness or citrus notes to heat, consumers are looking at heat as more than a Scoville measurement.

Our Agile Kitchen™ team appreciates the evolving nuance of “hot” ingredients, as we take a culinary approach to all product development, and blasting a food with pure heat is not going to lead to continued sales. We’ve been working with various citrus powders and dairy powders, pairing them with heat to add “complex heat” to dips, soups and more.

Bonus Trend


How was “cost savings” not on any trend list? Although it’s not the most exciting thing to write about, it’s inevitable that 2024 will see many food and beverage manufacturers approach product development with cost savings in mind. In fact, we’ve been working extensively with manufacturers on projects designed to cut costs using dairy powders and concentrates.

Want more information on the trends that will drive sales in 2024? Contact us and set up a virtual appointment with our Agile Kitchen team to learn how your product line can capitalize on consumer cravings in the coming years.

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